Stump Grinding Company Earley Berkshire

Stump Grinding Company Earley Berkshire

Stump Grinding Company Earley Berkshire StumpBusters are the UK’s No.1 Tree Stump Removal Specialists, Qualified & Fully Insured. Stump Grinding Company Earley Berkshire.

After cutting down the tree, you are left with the stump. Deciding on what to do with it requires some careful thoughts. Should you leave it to rot, remove it or grind it? Leaving your tree stump around means you will not be able to use the space of land for planting anytime soon. Although it will decay with time, it is not the best sight for your yard. Also, it will become a breeding site for pests. These factors will make you want to get the stump out of your yard. But how? Should you remove it or grind it? This article discusses which you should consider.

Removal vs Grinding: what they entail

Stump removal and Stump Grinding Company Earley Berkshire are both effective ways of getting tree stump out of your space. They both have their pros and cons and there are factors to consider before making a choice.

Stump removal

Stump removal involves digging out a tree stump along with all its roots. This involves much effort and powerful equipment. If you want to go the DIY way, it will take you time and a great deal of sweating. If it is a large tree, then it is a job for professional arborists. Even at that, it requires much effort. 


Also, it leaves a big hole around until it is filled up and this is not the best sight for your yard. The good side of stump removal is that it clears the entire space for you. You have every trace of the tree out of the way and you can use the space for whatever you wish.


A Stump Grinding Company Earley Berkshire involves shredding the tree stump into small chips. The larger the tree stump, the larger the amount of chips you have to deal with afterwards, although the chips can enrich your land, especially if you are planting.


Grinding will not take out all the roots. Since trees usually have roots spreading out to every direction, you can have roots as long as 8 to 12 ft away from the stump, if it is a large tree. These roots will undergo a natural decay process but it will take time, maybe up to 8 years, or even more.

Stump Grinding Company Earley Berkshire vs removal: which is better?

The decision to grind or remove your stump depends on the peculiar property. If the root is located away from the fence, water source, and other essential things, and you want to use the space for other purposes like building or planting, it is better to remove the stump.


However, if the stump removal will destroy things like leach drain, it is better to grind the stump. Speaking with a professional is better to ensure you make the right decision and do not cause damage to other properties.


Grinding and removal both have their pros and cons. With stump removal, your space will be vacant and you can use it for whatever purpose you want. With a Stump Grinding Company Earley Berkshire, you will have some part of the root still in-ground. Whichever option you go for depends on your needs and professional advice.